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Buy Knee Braces and Support Online in Canada

After an injury, the knee joint needs to get supported. Even if it is a small injury, it is necessary to follow the right procedure and use the correct products, to make it worse. Knee braces are not only massage pain and discomfort caused due to knee injuries but also support the joint to prevent further complications.

At Physio Supplies, they have a wide range of knee support designed for various purposes, be it a brace for pain, knee support for an ACL tear, knee support for running, Braces for ligament tear and so much more.

Choosing the right kind of brace can be overwhelming as there is so much to consider. Sometimes, the doctor might suggest a specific type of knee supports according to injury.

On Physio Supplies Canada, different types of braces such as ROM, Hinged, open/closed patella braces and so much more.

Types of Knee Braces and Support

1. Prophylactic Knee Braces:

Prophylactic Knee supports are designed to prevent and reduce the severity of ligamentous injuries to the knee. It is commonly designed and used by athletes who play contact sports such as football.

Prophylactic braces protect the MCL against valgus knee stresses, while also protecting the knee joints from being injured again. The knee support is great for athletes of contact sports at high risk for MCL injury, or who previously suffered an MCL injury.

Two of Physio Supplies Canada’s top prophylactic knee support options include ACL sports brace and a range of motion knee stabilizer.

2. Functional Knee Braces:

A functional knee support and brace are used to provide support to knees that are already injured, either from playing a sport or a fall. Functional knee supports are great for reducing rotation following an ACL injury or tear, and for those who need additional support after ACL repair surgery. In some cases, they can also be used to support mild to moderate instability.

3. Rehabilitative Knee Braces:

Rehabilitative knee support helps in limiting potentially harmful knee movements while a person is rehabilitating after recent knee surgery or an injury.

How Knee Braces Save From Injury

A knee brace is a tool for managing the discomfort of knee osteoarthritis. A brace might help to reduce pain by shifting weight from the most damaged portion of the knee. Wearing a brace can improve the ability to get around and help to walk farther comfortably.

Advantages of Knee Braces

  • Correct alignment- Knee supports are scientifically designed to provide realignment to the knee joint by lessening pressure on the affected area. They also reduce further pain by preventing further wear and tear of the joint.
  • Prevents further injury- Knee support keeps the knee in a stable position and keep in a stable position and keeps it from moving sideways.

Disadvantages of Knee Braces

Discomfort wearing the brace. A knee support can feel heavy, bulky, and hot at first.
Skin irritation or swelling. The skin under the brace might become red and irritated if the knee support fits poorly.

If osteoarthritis patients use knee support too tight and too thick, it is not conducive to the blood circulation around the knee joint, making the activity of the knee more difficult.

Ordinary knee pads usually have the effect of keeping warm. After wearing them, the patella in front of the knee will form a certain compression and affect the effect of exercise.

Why Buy Knee Braces Online at Physio Supplies Canada

Physio Supplies Canada offers a vast selection of Braces & supports which include the highest quality knee support and braces, ankle braces, back braces. All kinds of braces & supports are available here and they ship to anywhere in Canada.

Physio Supplies Canada features exceptional sport medicine products that focus on the treatment of arthritis, stroke recovery, sports injury prevention, and injury rehabilitation. They only sell products from the most trusted brands in the industry including two German brands Dynamics plus from OFA Bamberg and Superplastic Braces.

We are delivering across Canada.

They are confident in their products. Returns are accepted within 30 days for eligible products if in a rare case any defects or issues.

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