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Anatomical Models in Canada

Anatomical models are an effective tool for studying human anatomy and the optimal education for medical students, professors, and healthcare professionals.

Anatomical model include a realistic anatomical model of the human body and its internal and external structures with a tool in smartphones, tablets, or computers to access interactive anatomy courses, quizzes, and virtual modes everywhere.

Anatomy Models play a great role in medical education, giving a very detailed insight into the human body. It offers a broad range of models made of top-quality material with exceptional attention to detail.

It is now delivered with all human anatomy models made by 3B Scientific.

  • Human Anatomical Models are sold by the set.
  • Most of the products of human Anatomical sets range from CAD 100.
  • The price of Human models depends on color, Brand, Size, material.

Physio Supplies Canada offers a complete collection of anatomy Models. Each model demonstrates a commitment to the highest standards of accuracy and modeling. Physio Supplies philosophy is “nature is our model”.

Produced in close co-operation with established academics and used extensively in Anatomy Departments, Universities, and Hospitals in Canada and Worldwide.

Anatomical replicas is assembled and painted by hand and all stringent quality control methods are maintained. Most of the models are mounted on distinctive green bases with separate detailed and accurate description keys and can be durable and recyclable.

Physio Supplies Canada offers a five-year warranty on all models. It applies to models which have been used correctly and cover durability. Only genuine models bear the distinctive logo.

A model is a three-dimensional representation of human or animal autonomy, used for medical and biological education.

The model may show the anatomy partially dissected, or have removable parts making the students remove and have a look at the models. Some models may have changeable genetical inserts and other interchangeable parts which permit a unisex model to represent an individual of either sex.

Although 3D computer models of anatomy now exist as an alternative, physical anatomical replicas still have advantages in providing insight into autonomy.

Uses of Anatomical Models

Anatomical models are very much used in medical education. Medical educators rely on models to depict anatomical structures in a more efficient format to move away from the clutter, discomfort, and complexity and to clarify characteristics or functions of an anatomical structure that are not readily apparent.

Anatomical Models are very useful to explain anatomical relationships and functions in structures that may be too small to discern adequately in a cadaver or that are constrained by other structures.

Thus, anatomical education is enhanced and facilitated using accurate anatomical models.

The use of anatomical replicas in the medical curriculum has been effective in teaching and learning anatomy.

Anatomical Models may focus on specific characteristics of an anatomical structure that are important in the educational objectives of the curriculum.

Anatomical replicas are important educational tools in institutions that are unable to support the space, costs, or regulatory requirements required for cadaveric dissection or specimen storage.

The objective of the use of anatomical models in a curriculum is to either enable or enhance student learning.

Where to Buy Anatomical Model in Canada

Physio Supplies Canada carries a full selection of human models for the medical and healthcare educational industry. It supplies models, simulators, and all manner of demonstration items. They are the Canadian-owned and operated choice for anatomical models in Canada.

They act not only as a retailer of the models but as authorized distributors and direct importers from the factory, we are often able to offer prices significantly of other retailers.

Why Physio Supplies Canada?

The purpose of Physio Supplies is to better serve Canadian healthcare professionals by providing valuable industry expertise that contributes to their growth and development.

  • Clinic setup and clinic design
  • Expansion initiatives
  • Institutional quotes and RFPs
  • Selection of modalities
  • Harmonize and consolidate equipment.
  • Clinical training
  • Leasing and financing options
  • Optimize ROI
  • Assist with OCF18 forms’
  • Product education and training

Advantages of Anatomical Models

  • Free access to Anatomy courses in the award-winning Complete Anatomy Models.
  • Includes Anatomy courses with lectures and different views of interactive virtual Anatomical models. Also includes quizzes.