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What is Massage Gel?
A massage gel is a product that can give the glide of oil without giving any residue to the skin. This is a very light alternative to other massage treatments as the weight is less, as is the feel on the skin.

Unlike creams and oils, massage gel is generally stain-free leaving no residue on the clients and sheets.

Massage gel is a versatile product that gives therapists a glide of oil, but without leaving unwanted residue on the skin.

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Difference Between Massage Gel and Massage Lotion
They absorb quickly into the skin and need a lot of reapplications to maintain consistent lubrication.

Gels are almost like creams as far as consistency goes but are usually oil-free. Gels are often colorless and transparent.

Massage lotion has the shortest glide and is the most absorbent which makes it ideal for real deep tissue massage. Lotions will give the ability to maintain the best grip and apply the most pressure to the client and allow to penetrate more deeply into muscles to release tension.

A quality massage gel can be seed oil-based and provide more coverage than standard massage oils. This can be key in longer massages like Swedish, Hot Stone, and physical therapy because there is no need for reapplication. The feel will remain light and will get a great long glide without a greasy after-affect.

Gels are produced from an oil and wax base, producing a thicker oil with a higher viscosity. Proponents of gel claim that it has the glide of an oil, with a workability of a lotion. Treating dry skin or working through hairy skin benefits from the gels.

Lotions take up the viscosity scale and also introduce the use of water into the equation. This has the following ramification: Water and oil do not mix- necessitating the need for emulsifiers, stabilizers, and similar substances.

Lotions are more viscous than oils and gels and are easily pumpable.
Advantages of Massage Gel and Lotion
Using Lotions for Massage:

Penetrates to the skin, which provides hydration and softness.
Many people feel Lotion makes them look younger.
Lotions contain beneficial vitamins and compounds, like Vitamin D, aloe vera, shea butter, vitamin E, and keratin.
The beneficial ingredients in lotion replace the lost skin moisture, heal skin conditions, and repair damaged skin.

Gels are great for many massage techniques. They tend to be the most cost-effective product because they stay on the body longer and do not require a lot of re-application.

They also provide a great glide effect during a massage, and a long, flowing massage technique will benefit from a gel. Gels are perfect for hairy clients or clients with dry skin.

Due to the glide, gels are not good for sports or deep tissue massages. They are more likely to stain sheets or clothing.

Off the shelves, lotions are the cheapest option available. Consider, though, applied, it absorbs very quickly, which means that you will be applying it faster than any other product type.

The Lotion is a good basic option that clients may already use to moisturize. It leaves little behind and there is little to no “greasy” effect for the client.

It creates a great glide.
It need not be reapplied as often.
It is a marvelous moisturizer.
It does not stain.

Massage Lotions are well-suited for deep tissue and other high-friction massages. They tend to provide medium glide, and can be nourished to the skin, are typically absorbed slowly.

They are usually non-sticky, making each massage easier to clean up, and they are usually non-slip, providing better stability throughout each treatment.

Massage Lotions will usually include preservatives of some kind, so rancidity is very uncommon.

Other advantages including a longer working time as gels do not absorb into the skin as quickly as creams and massage lotions, and with a water-soluble formula, most gels are non-staining.
Disadvantages of Massage Gel and Lotion
Massage Lotions are more likely to contain synthetic chemicals. Lotion can feel cold when applied to the skin. Some therapists keep lotion warmers for this purpose.

Some massage lotions, particularly water-based ones, can leave the skin feeling dried out. Lotions are cold when first applied to the skin and can be difficult to heat. Many are scented, which will bother some clients.

Massage Lotions are not great for hairy clients.
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