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Buy Massagers Online in Canada

Kneading, massaging, and vibrating. These are some of the things a foot massager can do. With so many functions, it can be hard to find a product that is just right. And some have tons of speeds, vibrations, jets, and more while others keep it simple and compact.
Sometimes you might want a little soaking action along with your foot massage, and on those days, the Physio supplies Canada Foot massager has you covered. This foot massager has a massager in the bottom of the tub, allowing you to work your feet while you soak in warm water.
The Physio supplies Canada foot massagers can heat the water up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, it vibrates relieving stress in your feet and legs.
If you like to soak your legs after a long day, this massager will combine the soothing experience with a relaxing foot massage. You will walk away feeling refreshed and it works well with at-home pedicures too!
If you are willing to spend more on a foot massager, this high-end product will leave your feet feeling relaxed and pampered. The Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine with Switchable Heat has a variety of features to give you a customized massage.

The Foot massagers from Physio supplies canada is one of the most high-tech options out there. It features two-foot chambers with washable cloth covers. Once you slip your feet in the cover, you can operate the massager via the control panel on top of the massager or with the included remote.
The Shiatsu massager also uses air pressure to apply gentle pressure to your feet, helping to relieve tension.
During the winter, the Shiatsu back massager will be your favorite new accessory. This device delivers a deep massage-all while warming up your back in its cozy pocket-win-win!
Once you try a massager, you will realize that it that device which you cannot live without. While some massagers are portable, i.e., you can take them wherever you need them, others are meant to be kept at home for tissue or Shiatsu massage whenever you need it.

Unwind and relax with this selection of personal massagers. Acupressure mats and pillows inspired by ancient Indian healing traditions promote relaxation and wellbeing. Available from top designers like Brookstone, Ho Medics, and the Sharper Image.

Types of Massagers


• Foot massager can be electric and mechanical, immersion or plague ones that are designed for feet massage as well as water spa massagers.
• Shiatsu is a Japanese technique that traditionally utilizes the balls of the feet, heels, and the base of the palms for a rolling pressure, deep tissue massage.
• Physio supplies Canada foot massagers is intended to stimulate blood flow with heat and rolling motions, for people who spend the day on their feet or in uncomfortable shoes.

2. Back Massager

The back massagers can focus on a specific area of the body or be multifunctional. They can deliver only one type of Shiatsu massage or use it in combination with vibration, heat, or infrared therapy.

3. Professional Massager

Another type of back massager. Professional massagers are heavier than portable massagers.

4. Muscle Massager

This is a deep tissue massager with rotation and vibration, mainly intended for muscle pain. If you have a lot of muscle aches after a workout this muscle massage works for you.
If you have old injuries or are recovering from new ones, these deep tissue massagers can stimulate healing due to the activation of nerves, increased blood flow, and the dulling of pain that they can contribute to.

5. Pulse Massager

TENS/EMS is a little different, not using vibration, pressure, or percussion to achieve a massage. Instead, it uses low-level electric pulses with programmable frequencies and intervals, delivering shocks to the skin and muscles.

6. Shiatsu Massager

Shiatsu back massager has a rolling and heat system which does indeed work to relieve tight knots in your muscles, as well as loosening up stiff spines and joints, and what does get the blood flowing and dull back pain.

Advantage of Massager

  • Avoid trips to physiotherapy centers, which saves so little time in modern society.
  • No need for another person, such as a couple, who knows how to apply a massage.
  • Provide a massage of a certain quality.
  • Can be used while doing any other activity like listening to music.
  • They weigh little and do not take up too much space, so they can be transported easily, in case of travel.

Disadvantage of Massager

It will never be the same as a professional expert. Not always a massage is good when it comes to relieving pain.
It is improved in those cases in which it comes from muscle tension, but if the cause is a broken bone, a laceration, or a clot, it could worsen the situation.
In all cases, it is advisable to consult a doctor. You should also be aware of contraindications and potential dangers.