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Get your Insurance reimbursement by purchasing the above products.

  • All of the Units in this category is HEALTH CANADA approved and eligible for Insurance reimbursement.
  • We strongly recommend everyone to have Doctor’s requisition ( Doctor’s note) before you consider buying these bundle packs.
  • Our customer service team will be happy to assist you if you have questions in regards to you Insurance company.
  • Mediline Enterprises Inc. accept all insurance companies
  • Following insurance companies can pay us directly   
  • BLUE CROSS veterans affairs
  • Green Shield Canada

Does insurance cover the cost of a TENS device?

Insured TENS machines are in the Medical Equipment/Distribution Devices category, and most insurance companies generally pay 100%, with no deductible. Ask your insurance company whether it covers a TENS machine and what kind of coverage you are entitled to.

If you are going through an insurance company, you have no choice about which TENS unit you get, and you may get one with out-of-date technology. In most cases, this is simply because you are unaware your insurance will cover therapeutic products—this is true for TENS machines.

Coverage Options

Insurance may cover the cost of TENS units when treatment is medically necessary. Tens units are not commonly covered by insurance, but policies vary from company to company. Unlike over-the-counter devices, which are priced on a competitive basis, medical devices providers charge higher prices for TENS units in order to cover the administrative costs of insurance claims as well as generate profits. 

Claiming Requirements

 TENS machines covered under Enhanced Health Benefits should include following:

  • Be medically essential and recommended by a qualified clinician in accordance with the terms of your Enhanced Health Benefits plan.
  • Claims will be reimbursed subject to relevant plan upper limits, exclusions, and limits as described in your benefits policy. For coverage details, please consult your benefit plans handbook and/or your insurance company.


The following should be included in prescriptions:

  • Be recommended by a licensed health care provider who is registered with their state regulatory organization.
  • Include a prescription that describes the condition that requires the TENS Machine.

Approved Provider Invoice and Supporting Information

The following information should be included on the invoice issued by the Approved Supplier and filed by the claimant:

  • The manufacturer, brand, and/or style code of the TENS device used.
  • TENS machine SKU and/or sequential # dispensed.
  • Name, signature, and credentials of the individual who distributed the TENS machine.