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Trigger Point Performance Therapy started as a research project for Cassidy Phillips, who suffers from fibromyalgia. Phillips needed to find a solution for the continuous pain throughout his body. The well-trained athlete spent years researching his condition and refused to settle with doctor’s recommendations of never training again. During his research, Phillips worked heavily in trigger point therapy, which utilizes key areas of the body to release tension and create blood flow to the area. The therapy was working for him except that it was difficult to work on himself.

His solution was to find materials and trigger point products that could mimic the pressure and accuracy of a thumb. Through years of intense research and development, Phillips created Trigger Point Performance Therapy and a constantly evolving product line of advanced myofascial tools. Today, Trigger Point Performance Therapy includes revolutionary products like the Grid, Grid 2.0, Quadballer, Massage Ball, Footballer, Baller Block, Cold Roller and more!

Trigger Point Performance Therapy products are not just for athletes; Trigger Point recommends using their assortment of unique therapy aids for anyone who wishes to bring self-massage into their home to aid in the relief or prevention of aches and pains.  This includes all active bodies and even office workers.