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Shoulder joint orthosis for immobilization. With harness for fixation.


  • In case of insufficiency or after injuries of the capsule-band apparatus of the shoulder
  • Indications that relieve the shoulder and / or elbow joint
  • Conservative / postoperative shoulder
  • Paralysis of the arm
  • Post-traumatic complaints
  • Stable subcapital humeral fracture


  • Limitation of mobility of the shoulder joint
  • Relief of shoulder, upper arm and elbow
  • Fixation of the entire arm in a defined position
  • Immobilization of the shoulder joint
  • Arm and hand fixation with Velcro fasteners
  • Arm sling made of open-mesh, breathable material for a comfortable fit
  • Thumb loop for better stability
  • Straps and forearm position individually adjustable
  • Quick-release fasteners for easy putting on and taking off

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