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MENISCUS Knee Supporter

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  • Baker’s cysts
  • Conservative/post-operative knee
  • Degenerative meniscal damage
  • For residual swelling in the area of the suprapatellar recess
  • In post-operative swelling states
  • Inflammatory effusions
  • Meniscal ganglion
  • Meniscal tear
  • Meniscus compression
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MENISCUS Knee Supporter compression bandage with variable positionable pressure pads and friction half-ring. Friction pad with custom-positionable pressure pads.


  • Friction massage to reduce swelling in the area of the suprapatellar recess of the articular capsule of the knee during movement
  • Relief of the meniscus through an increase in intra-articular pressure via the pressure pads medial and lateral to the patellar tendon

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