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Infrared Touchless Forehead Thermometer

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  • JUST POINT AND CLICK. A thermometer for adults forehead that can also be used on the kids. Its so easy to operate and is a touchless thermometer, keeping you safe. Point the thermometer to the forehead and hit the button. So easy.
  • VERY ACCURATE, FAST TEMPERATURE READINGS. For this infrared thermometer, you just need to press the button and point, the forehead digital thermometer provide your temperature in 1 second or less.
  • NON CONTACT THERMOMETER. This digital thermometer never has to touch the skin, so you never have to clean the tip. A perfect baby thermometer for those children who can’t stay still or a perfect touchless thermometer for adults and kids on the go.
  • INFRARED THERMOMETER. This digital thermometer is an infrared thermometer for humans only. The thermometer is very accurate with temporal readings.
  • FEATURE RICH, EVERYTHING YOU NEED. The forehead thermometer is a contactless thermometer with all the bells and whistles you need. Features: Gun style point ‘n click, 10 stored readings, long battery life, fast, accurate, temporal thermometer style

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About Our Forehead Thermometer – a no touch thermometer for adults(termometro infrarojo medico)

Non contact thermometers are the latest trend because you no longer need an oral thermometer that needs to be cleaned. With our digital thermometer, all that you have to do is point-and-click, so easy

Is this a touchless thermometer? Yes, this is a digital thermometer that just needs to be pointed at the forehead of adults, kids, or babies. Push the button, and get the temperature reading in less than 1 second, contactless for your safety.

Is this a good thermometer for kids? Yes, the kids will love this thermometer because they won’t have to sit still or hold a mercury thermometer under their tongue. Parents will love the handheld thermometer gun style as the thermometer is actionally fun to use.

Is this a infrared thermometer? Yes, infrared thermometers are the latest trend in the no contact thermometer for fever market. Because the technology is always improving, temporal thermometers have become very economical and are great for all ages.


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