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Cover-Roll® stretch 5 cm x 9.2 m

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When secure dressings are required, wide-area fixation now has an established place instead of surgical tapes. Wide-area fixation with Cover-Roll® Stretch combines the advantages of conventional systems because of three main reasons. First, secure and rapid fixation is possible on all, even frequently moved and highly contoured parts of the body, such as joints. Second, the entire wound dressing is protected against contamination. Third, cutting to size eliminates unnecessary waste.


  • – The soft, stretchable non-woven polyester material adapts well to body contours
  • – Provides light compression without causing constriction or congestion
  • – The polyacrylate adhesive holds dressing safely and reliably in place, even in presence of moisture
  • – Easy, secure application due to the integrated application
  • – Radio-transparent to eliminate the need to remove for X-ray examinations
  • – 100% latex-free formula to eliminate the risk of latex reactions


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