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TheraBand Exercise Tubes – 100 Foot Box

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The TheraBand Exercise Tubes are made from natural rubber and offers various levels of resistance. Progression is easily tracked using ThearBand’s colour-coded system to indicate its resistance. Tubes are an ideal solution for patients who have limited space to perforce exercise and can be used anywhere including at home or the office. Using these tubes provides positive and negative force to engage muscles groups; improving strength, range of motion and cooperation of muscle groups. The Tubes are an affordable choice compared to similar products. They are also portable and offer versatile exercise options.

  • Made from natural rubber
  • Colour coded to easily track progression
  • Helps improve range of motion and strength
  • Portable and easily store
  • Diverse exercise options
  • Offered in Tan, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, & Silver
  • Box contains 100 feet of tubing




TheraBand is a leader in resistance band products and continues to innovate today just as they did over 30 years ago when they pioneered the field. Their line now includes exercise balls, stability trainers, FlexBars, a range of motion products, self massage products, hand therapy products, aquatic exercise tools and much more. TheraBand is committed to maintaining the quality, effectiveness and durability of their products.

TheraBands unique system of colour coded resistance levels makes progressive training easy. There are eight levels from Tan (2.4 lb) to gold (14.2lb) that offer progressive increase in resistance. This system makes it easy to prescribe tools for rehabilitation and track a patient’s progress.

Elastic Resistance

Elastic resistance does not rely on gravity the same way free weights however both elastic and isotonic resistance offer similar strength training as they activate similar muscles systems. TheraBands resistance bands offer the same benefits of free weights of similar rating without the hassle of storing heavy weights. It is important to remember that the resistance in pounds is measured at maximum stretch, roughly twice the resting length of the product.


TheraBand Community

Theraband has built a community of researchers and trainers working to further our knownlegde on all Performace Health products. We encourage You, your trainers, your staff and your customers to sign up to the Theraband Academy and the Theraband Academy Blog to always get the latest research and information on TheraBand and Performance Health’s family of products. The Academy is free to sign up and is full of useful articles on rehabilitation and injury recovery.

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1) Yellow Tube – Thin, 2) Red Tube – Medium, 3) Green Tube – Heavy, 4) Blue Tube – Extra Heavy, 5) Black Tube – Special Heavy


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