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TheraBand FlexBar

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The TheraBand FlexBar is a flexible, durable device with a rigid surface for an improved grip. The FlexBar can be twisted, bended or apply oscillation movement to improve grip strength, upper extremity stabilization and alleviate Tennis Elbow. The FlexBar is an affordable alternative to expensive equipment. The FlexBar offers four progressive resistance levels beginning with 6 lb up to 25 lb. The bar reaches maximum resistance when bent into a U shape.

  • Made with natural Rubber
  • Helps improve grip
  • Effective against tennis elbow
  • Colours differentiation for resistance level
  • 4 Resistance levels: Yellow (6 lbs), red (10 lbs), green (15 lbs) and blue (25 lbs).
  • 12” Long



TheraBand is a leader in resistance band products and continues to innovate today just as they did over 30 years ago when they pioneered the field. Their line now includes exercise balls, stability trainers, FlexBars, a range of motion products, self massage products, hand therapy products, aquatic exercise tools and much more. Thera-Band is committed to maintaining the quality, effectiveness and durability of their products.


TheraBand Community

Theraband has built a community of researchers and trainers working to further our knownlegde on all Performace Health products. We encourage You, your trainers, your staff and your customers to sign up to the Theraband Academy and the Theraband Academy Blog to always get the latest research and information on TheraBand and Performance Health’s family of products. The Academy is free to sign up and is full of useful articles on rehabilitation and injury recovery.

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1) Yellow- 6lb, 2) Red- 10lb, 3) Green- 15lb, 4) Blue- 25lb


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